Reframing Wisdom Literature Conference

Problematising Literary and Religious Interactions in Ancient Wisdom Texts - King's College London 30-31 May 2019

The postgraduate conference REFRAMING WISDOM LITERATURE aims at exploring and dissecting the intertwining of literary and religious elements in texts that are normally labelled as ‘wisdom literature’. We are interested in looking at how this integration embodies the‘cumulative’ character of wisdom, and we finally aim
to consider how such an approach can contribute to the debate concerning the status of ‘wisdom literature’ as a genre.

To foster discussion on these themes, we invite papers that explore
the integration of religious elements and literary echoes in wisdom texts dated from the Ancient Near Eastern Civilizations to Late Antiquity, at the same time engaging with the definition and application of the label ‘wisdom literature’. We are particularly interested in contributions that reflect on cross-fertilisation and transcultural influences.

The aim of the two-day conference is to create a fruitful and synergic environment for debate by bringing together postgraduates and early career researchers from across the UK and abroad working on, or interested in, ancient wisdom literature. Speakers will receive detailed feedback from advanced academics, and attendants, getting insights from experts of a range of fields of study, will broaden their own perspective on ancient wisdom and its literary products.

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